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Corporate Therapeutic Massage Packages

Rest. Renew. Restore.

Allow our highly trained and licensed professional staff to provide you with an opportunity to embrace 15 minutes of serenity, by treating you and your hard working employees to a soothing chair massage. Table massages are provided upon request. Also, leave the driving to us because we come to your place of business to provide all services.

Our Corporate Therapeutic Massage Packages consist of monthly, quarterly, or yearly options with a minimum of 1 visit per month, up to 4 visits per month. 1 visit includes one or more of our talented therapists providing chair massages, 15 minutes each, for the duration of 1 hour. Additional therapists may be scheduled for higher volumes of clients, as well as additional visits purchased per month if desired.

Silver Monthly Package:
1 Month: 1 Visit to your business
Standard Rate Per Hour/Per Therapist is $90

Gold Quarterly Package:
3 , 6, or 9 Months: Minimum 1 visit per month:
10% Discount Per Hour/Per Therapist ($81)

Platinum Yearly Package:
12 Months: Minimum 1 visit per month:
20% Discount Per Hour/Per Therapist ($72)


Company Benefits

  • Increase return on investment
  • Reduce and or maintain medical cost
  • Attract and keep employees
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Improve employee health and well-being

Employee Benefits

  • Improve mood and morale
  • Increase productivity and effectiveness
  • Improve health and wellness
  • Increase job performance and satisfaction
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